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These are The Authorized Covid Test Laboratories by Airlines

Most nations worldwide have ordered for travelers to deliver a negative COVID-19 screening report prior to loading up flights. 

To encourage travelers in such manner, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has delivered a rundown of approved Laboratories for every one of PIA’s global objections. 

The rundown recommends that the travelers making a trip to Dubai and Sharjah need to bring along a COVID screening report from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and Aga Khan research centers, while Excel Lab, Shifa Lab, and Advanced Lab have been approved for the travelers heading out to Abu Dhabi. 

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Doha-bound travelers need to deliver a test report from Excel Lab, Aga Khan Lab, and Dr. Essa Laboratory and Diagnostic Center. 

Essentially, Gerry’s Lab and Shaukat Khanum Lab reports are acknowledged for Kuwait flights. 

Travelers making a trip to any objections in China need to create a negative PCR report from Advanced Lab, Children Hospital, Shifa International Hospital, or Maroof International Hospital. 

In addition, Excel Lab, Aga Khan Lab, Dr. Essa Laboratory, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, and Shifa Labs are approved for Saudi Arabia, and Canada. 

For insights concerning other acknowledged Laboratories for various objections visit PIA tourism warning page.


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