The Information Technology sector worldwide is in the midst of a transformative period, and this brings a reasonable amount of uncertainty. Risks from fraud and unethical business practices pose an increased threat for an industry in a stage of transition.

In June 2015, network-hardware maker Ubiquiti Networks fell victim to a similar email scam, which resulted in $46.7 million of funds being transferred to cybercriminals. The company was able to recover about $8 million and hoped to recover nearly $7 more through legal means.


And this past January, Belgian banking firm Crelan announced that it lost 70 million euro (which, at that time, equated to approximately $76 million US) to a similar email scam. The funds were discovered to be missing after an internal audit.

This is where CRI Group plays a critical role. As a global provider of investigative services including background investigations, employee integrity due diligence, IP security, pre-employment screening, third-party risk management, financial investigations, forensic accounting and other critical services, CRI Group helps IT Sector of Pakistan prevent and detect threats to their business and investments.


At this year’s ITCN we look forward to communicating the importance of risk management and proactive decision-making based on using the right risk management solutions as vital tools for the stability and growth of the Information Technology sector. CRI Group’s background screening solutions, including pre- and post-employment screening and due diligence, are a part of the core business services that we provide for companies in the Middle East and all over the world. In support of this, we are proud to present EmploySmart an improved product line extension from CRI Group. EmploySmart takes pre-employment background screening services to the next level, providing complete and thorough investigations into prospective and current employees’ identity, credit, civil, educational, employment and criminal background information, among other checks.


CRI Group: Helping IT Companies Prevent Fraud with EmploySmart, IP Security Solutions and 3PRMDr. Ismail Shah Chairman PTA at CRI Stall during ITCN Asia 2016

CRI Group: Helping IT Companies Prevent Fraud with EmploySmart, IP Security Solutions and 3PR

This low awareness on the subject matter is what motivated us to be a part of ITCN 2016, since IT sector is on boom right now in Pakistan and thus expanding its operations. The situation becomes complex and hazardous for any company that’s not protected from economic crimes by reliable corporate security consultants. For CRI Group, decreasing risk is what matters for our clients and thus we are here to communicate the importance of this for Information Technology Sector’s growth and sustainability.

This is our first appearance at ITCN 2016, and we look forward to meeting with as many attendees as possible. We are pleased to offer consultations anytime.



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