Cricket is a game that has seen technology used to the best of its ability for the betterment of the game through more accurate decisions, unlike other sports where the inclusion of technology is still questionable. Kookaburra, the largest sports brand in Australia has partnered with SportCor to unveil new cricket balls, or rather “smart balls”, which can monitor the ball’s swing, seam, movement, speed and a number of other metrics allowing for more statistical analysis and a deeper reading of the game by offering real time data.

The technology was unveiled at the home of Cricket, Lord’s, ahead of the second Ashes test between England and Australia. The technology is able to communicate through Bluetooth and has microchips inside with rechargeable batteries. This technology is believed to help cricket to its core by being beneficial in kids cricket, first class cricket, club cricket and beyond. Former Aussie Bowler Michael Kasprowicz had a lot of good words for the technology

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You’re actually seeing your outcome from the other end, getting feedback as far as the revolutions and pace, in these two data particular streams. The third one is broadcast. We’ll get more engagement from fans.The fans have never been closer to the action in the middle. We’ll bring them closer

Jos Buttler also commented on the arrival of the new technology

Technology in sports is a  great way to enhance the game for the viewer. You can get those real numbers straight away and you know exactly what’s happening, so as a coaching tool, it’s fantastic

In order to show off the technology, the ball was cut open to reveal a cavity inside allowing for the placement of microchips that would be communicating to show the statistical data live on screen.

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