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Cricket Might be on Its Way to The Olympics

Possibilities of cricket getting back to the Olympics have gotten a significant lift as the International Cricket Council (ICC) as of late requested that its part nations outfit a definite report on the expected financial favorable circumstances if cricket is remembered for the mega event. 

As indicated by a survey shipped off all individuals, ICC guided them to measure the conceivable financial advantages they envision to get from their particular governments and Olympic associations following the consideration of cricket in the Olympics. 

Strikingly, ICC has additionally asked part nations to unmistakably separate between the help stretched out to them if the game is remembered for a lasting or an irregular premise. 

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ICC has guided all individuals to return a questionnaire by 2 November and its outcomes will be talked about during the executive gathering later in the month. 

ICC had recently posed comparative an inquiry from its part nations a few years back. Be that as it may, the reality ICC has chosen to return to the issue so before long recommends the developing help for the consideration of cricket in the Olympics. 

Another main impetus behind the ICC’s choice to raise the issue by and by could be the financial difficulties the administering body is confronting following the Covid pandemic. ICC part nations could anticipate a huge expansion in their subsidizing from their legislatures and Olympics associations if cricket gets a perpetual status in the Olympics. 

Cricket had just highlighted in the 1900 Paris Olympics. After Netherlands and Belgium pulled out their groups from the competition, the main cricket coordinate in Olympics was challenged between Great Britain and France, which the previous won by 158 runs.


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