While crime in Lahore is well documented, not so long ago it was limited to the streets of the city and not so much on social media platforms. The city has been known for its fair share of criminal activities including the likes of murder, sexual assault and robbery, however, now, we’re seeing these criminal activities grow even further – taking a toll on social networking sites.

Indeed like-minded individuals who are interested in collecting as well as displaying arms and ammunition have started the process of organizing Facebook groups and pages. It has been reported that members of these organized groups go on to introduce new trends of crime and exploitation. Lahore police to have expressed their concerns on the presence of such groups after their lack of secrecy led to identification from authorities.

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The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Ismail Kharak has decided to take action against such groups in a manner which he felt best – by writing a letter to the PTA. The SSP also made sure to include in the letter both the links of such websites as well as the names of all the criminals involved.

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The SSP also stated that the capital of Punjab is no stranger to criminal activities. He further commented by saying that people who lived in Lahore in the 1960s and 1970s may often recall the criminal incidents of their era.

He said: “The local police have observed that there are hooligans in the city who are projecting themselves as heroes and struggles using social media websites.”

There was also a specified reference made by the SSP to a group called “Lahore Underworld”. In this group, stories of criminals are often shared in a manner to which the young audience may find inspiring. The SSP expressed his concerns over this, saying that young people often want to follow the ideals of such a criminal while considering them as their ideals.

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He further stated that online platforms such as these often give off the notion that it is acceptable to be above the law. “After the police make an example of such criminals by killing them in an encounter, their stories are presented as these of bravery in media platforms followed by strangers.”

The SSP concluded his statements by saying that the investigation police are tracking down such websites and that both SPCRO along with SP CIA has indeed been assigned these tasks.


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