Dar is sworn into the Senate amid a row

Dar is sworn into the Senate amid a row

Leader of the PML-N’s Senior Party, Ishaq Dar rell who was appointed as financial minister of the group by its members on Tuesday, was inaugurated as senator amid the roar and shouts of the opposition.

Dar, who was returned to Pakistan earlier in the day , after having spent nearly five years in the UK as a medical holiday’ given the swearing in to Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani.

The PML-N leader left the country in 2017 after being tried in the corruption case.

When he entered the Senate room, PML-N leaders welcomed him with a thud on their desks.

But, as he was administering his oath PTI senators yelled slogans such as “absconder” and surrounded the chairman’s rostrum.Some of them were carrying posters and placards.

The Senate chairman repeatedly urged for them to go back to their seats.

He was then forced to call Security to manage the emergency.

In his remarks law minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said the PML-N was pleased to welcome Dar to be a senator, and they expected him to tackle the country’s economic problems as he has previously.

Addressing opposition members The PML-N leader said that they has always stood up for the sanctity of the upper chamber of parliament and was expecting that they do the same.

The minister assured them that expressing their opposition to the motion was their right. He also encouraged them to make use of their microphones if they would like to use them instead of causing chaos within the House.

The leader of the opposition in the House the PTI’s Shahzad Waseem, in his speech stated that someone had left his country after four years, and his Senate seat was vacant throughout this time.

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He also said to The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was also informed of the issue, but the seat was not declared vacant.

In reference to Shahid Khaqan Abdulbasi, the PML-N leader said that one of the premier’s helped the “absconder” escape the country. A different one was Premier Shehbaz Sharif, brought the absconder back.

He also said that was done in order to safeguard one family.

Shahzad claimed that, according to his records, Dar had not surrendered before the court.

The newly elected senator returned via a plane at taxpayer’s expense.

The law minister replied that in the case of Dar, the court had adjourned the proceedings until October 7. “You can criticise as much as you want but don’t twist the facts,” the law minister said.

The treasury benches generated quite a stir while their opposition’s leader was talking.

There were a number of people in the House at the time of Dar’s oath-taking ceremony, including the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique and JUI-F’s Maulana Asad Mehmood, and the Senator Sherry Rehman.

PML-N leader and the PM’s aide Attaullah Tarar, PM’s aide was in the guest gallery.

In a press conference prior to the interview, Dar said the rupee’s value was artificially depreciated and this was a significant issue.

He said that the price of basic commodities had risen to the sky in addition to Utility Stores too were an uphill climb.

He claimed that ever since the night they returned the local currency had been gaining 10 rupees to the US dollar and that the nation was not burdened by an outstanding debt of $1350 billion.

He also said that PTI chairperson and former prime minister Imran Khan must wait to decide which will create obstacles that the other.

In response to a question about his connections to general of the army Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa Dar suggested that the former be informed about the matter.

Dar is scheduled to be sworn-in as Finance Minister on Wednesday (today).
Before taking the oath Dar with federal ministers, met with the Senate chairman in his chamber.

When Dar was entering the Senate chamber the law minister handed Dar with a bouquet of roses.

Dar came to the Nur Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi on Monday evening, along with PM Shehbaz.


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