The data Privacy war between US Govt and Microsoft has come to an end. The US Department of Justice called the case over the issue of forcing the tech companies for the provision of data stored overseas to be “moot” now after the department could cite the newly passed legislation, in a 16-page court filing on Friday requesting the dismissal of the case.

So, Supreme court battle of the US government with Microsoft could be nearing its end after federal prosecutors asked that the case has been dismissed.

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On 22nd of March, President Donald Trump signed a provision into law and made it clear that US judges have a right to issue warrants for such data to give companies an avenue to object if the request conflicts with foreign law.

On February 27, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case, which had been one of the most closely watched of the high court’s current term. Some justices also urged Congress to pass a law to resolve this matter.

How US prosecutors seek access to data that is held on overseas computer servers owned by American companies had been the cause of a long dispute between the US justice department and Microsoft.

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The case involved Microsoft’s challenge to a domestic warrant that was issued by a US judge for emails stored on a Microsoft server in Dublin relating a drug-trafficking investigation.

Cloud Act, the bipartisan new law was supported by Microsoft, and other major technology companies, as well as the Trump administration. But civil liberties groups opposed this law and said that this law lacked sufficient privacy protections.

Microsoft, with 100 data centers in 40 countries, was the pioneer American company that challenged a domestic search warrant seeking data held outside the United States. The Microsoft customer whose emails were sought told Microsoft that he was based in Ireland when he signed up for his account.

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational tech company. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and it develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports alongside selling the computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, as well as services.


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