28 dead and 39 injured in the explosion in front of Arfa Karim Software Technology Park

Recently we recieved a bad news of blast in front of Arfa Kareem Software Technology Park, Lahore. Our sources has reported after a deep confirmation that the blast was of a big magnitude that shake the Arfa Kareem technology park quite significantly resulting in the shatter of windows.

Reports also exposed that 53 people have been wounded in this blast while 28 people are dead.

The nature of the blast have not been ascertained yet. However it is being said that it was a suicide blast.

The blast is reported done by the motorcycle riders according to CCTV  camera recording.

Police Camp was targetted by the blaster causing 7 policemen’s martyrdom in including ASI. 10 people are under surgery process in the hospital.

The explosion took place at the Kot Lakhpat vegetable market near Arfa Karim Software Technology Park in Lahore.

According CCPO Lahore the attack was a suicide blast, that occurred at the entrance of the market on Ferozepur Road.

The dead bodies and the wounded have been sent to the hospital, Rescue and hospital sources has confirmed the death toll. And it is expected that no more dead body or injured is left behind. The spot is in the security of rangers and the armed forces. Law enforcement agencies, Following the incident, cordoned the area and began the investigation. A contingent of Pak Army also reached the  site of blast.

The search operation has been almost complete now and the spot is under the control of police and rangers.

All the doctors have been called immediately following the emergency  in all the hospitals of Lahore.





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