The past month has witnessed a persistent decline in the value of USD against PKR, a result of recent measures implemented by Pakistani authorities to curb dollar hoarding and smuggling. This raises the question of whether there will be a corresponding decrease in PTA taxes on smartphones.

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Our research indicates that the declining USD value could indeed lead to lower taxes on mobile phones. The duty calculator on the official website of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) automatically updates with fluctuations in the USD value, suggesting that smartphone taxes should also adjust accordingly.

Smartphone Models New Price (PKR) Old Price (PKR) 
Samsung Galaxy A14 4GB/128GB 56,999/-. 62,999/-.
Samsung Galaxy A14 6GB/128GB 59,999/-. 64,999/-.
Samsung Galaxy A04 3/32GB 31,500/-. 37,500/-.
Samsung Galaxy A04 4/64GB 35,500/-. 42,999/-.
Samsung Galaxy A04s 4/64GB 39,999/-. 44,999/-.
Samsung Galaxy A04s 4/128GB 43,999/-. 48,999/-.
Xiaomi Redmi 10 A (4GB+128GB) 32,999/-. 42,999/-.
Xiaomi Redmi 10 A (3GB+64GB). 28,999/-. 38,999/-.
Xiaomi Redmi A1+(3GB+32GB) 21,999/-. 26,999/-.
Xiaomi Redmi A1+ (2GB+32GB) 19,999/-. 23,999/-.
Xiaomi Redmi 12C (4 GB+64 GB) 27,999/-. 30,999/-.
Redmi 12C (4GB+128GB) 30,999/-. 33,999/-.
vivo Y02s (3GB+32GB) 31,999/-. 35,999/-.
vivo Y02t (4GB+64GB) 35,999/-. 39,999/-.
ITel S23 30,999/-. 35,999/-.


In recent weeks, several smartphones have seen price reductions, which could be partly attributed to the falling dollar value. Here’s a look at some recent price drops:

Phone Previous Price (PKR) Current Price (PKR)
Samsung Galaxy M53 59,999 55,999
OPPO A78 34,999 31,999
Realme Narzo 50A 24,999 22,999

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If the USD continues its downward trend, we anticipate further price reductions on smartphones.

Impact on Consumer Behavior

The declining smartphone prices are expected to have the following impacts on consumer behavior:

  • Increased Purchases: Consumers may be more inclined to buy new phones or upgrade their existing ones as prices fall.
  • Boosted Consumer Confidence: Reduced smartphone prices can also strengthen consumer confidence in the market, leading to increased purchases.
  • Intensified Market Competition: The price reductions can intensify competition among smartphone manufacturers and retailers, driving them to offer better deals and promotions.

We hope this revised article and title options are helpful.



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