OnePlus is in the process of rolling out a new system update for the sake of its OnePlus 7 as well as OnePlus 7T series. Apart from bumping up just the security patch level, the latest software build for these smartphones also go on and bring about a fix for a rather annoying issue that has been annoying users in the more recent times.

The fresh OxygenOS update for both the OnePlus 7 as well as 7 Pro and also the T models for both these devices actually features as OxygenOS and it comes with the October 2021 security patches.

More importantly though, it goes on and fixed the delay that has been associated when it comes to incoming call screen interface. Users have indeed been reporting that this bug has been laying over their heads for quite the while. Thankfully though, OnePlus has now taken notice of the issue and paid heed to the feedback given from its customers.

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Apart from all that it does which is mentioned above, the update also tends to improve stability. And also, it’s important to note the fact that much like pretty much any OTA software update, the OxygenOS for both the OnePlus 7 as well as the OnePlus 7T series of handsets will end up being delivered in batches.

Regardless of everything else though, it’s very comforting to know that OnePlus still listens to its fans and all that they have to say. Much has of course been made of this particular thing by OnePlus as it turns out, and the brand has indeed been known to do this and has been doing it ever since it came about the smartphone world. While many have also complained that the level of cooperation shown towards the customers is toning down a bit, it’s moments like these that show that OnePlus still cares.


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