Buying a good PC to satisfy your gaming needs can be a very expensive thing to do. While there is a wide range of PC’s and Laptop’s available on the market specified for a high-quality gaming experience, this may require huge chunks of money. But now, according to dell, and many critics, the new Dell Inspiron 15,7000 might as well satisfy all your gaming needs, with you not having to spend the as much the other good quality laptops would require.

You can get great gaming experience for as little as $799, which might seem a lot, but this is not the case when you compare it with other gaming laptops. Pretty much all the money went into the Nvidia 1050 graphics card, to deliver the best experience. It is very true that the Nvidia 1050 graphics card is a fantastic budget graphics card, and the 1050ti in the $899 upgraded model is even better! New games such as battlefield 1 run smooth, with full HD resolution and high detail settings.

But with that little of a price, there are likely to be some things that the laptop just does not excel in. One thing for sure is that the screen is not a premium one. It has terrible off axis viewing angles if you move your head to the slightest. The touchpad also seems somewhat cheap, so you’ll probably just want to plug in the mouse half the time, and the limited hard drive only has enough space for around 4 full games.

Considering a long-term investment, you should probably go with a better laptop, with a better processor, display, but if you can’t seem to shake off the 1000 dollar barrier, then this Dell Inspiron 15,7000 laptop is probably worth it for its price tag!


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