A new approach to charging your smartphone or other devices that are portable could be to just place them on top of your laptop. Apple has been experimenting with this idea for a long time, and a new patent suggests Dell is also looking into the idea. Patents rarely translate into tangible products but, therefore, readers should be able to only consider this an idea that is being tested for now.

Patently Apple has found an Dell patent that uses Laptop surfaces for charging portable device. The method involves placing the devices on the top of an accessory connected to the laptop, which supplies inductive energy.

The images below are taken of Dell’s US patent application 20220239124 which was published in the last week, demonstrating the wireless charging clip which connects to laptops just beneath the keyboard with magnets as well as an output connector for power within the laptop.

Mobile phones would sit on the top of the clips made of a charge coil and the ferrite sheet.

Apple is the owner of patents that describe a slightly different charging system that follows the same principle. Instead of attaching an accessory, Apple would install the charging coils in new MacBooks that could recharge an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch placed on the top.

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Although a clip may only charge devices when the laptop is in use Apple’s plan would allow MacBooks to charge while closed, allowing a greater space for more devices. But Dell’s concept of a separate clip might be less expensive since it can connect to other laptops.

If either of these systems ever comes to fruition this could result in chargers that consume smaller outlets than other options such as charging pads. Apple cancelled its plan to launch the AirPower, a charging pad that was large in size. the AirPower in the year 2019. The company currently provides an alternative to the MagSafe Charging Station as well as the MagSafe Battery Pack for users who require longer-lasting battery life for their gadgets.

Some companies are testing various wireless charging methods. Ikea’s charger for $40 is mounted on top of a table or desk, with charging devices that sit on the top. While it is not as noticeable, it requires cables. Wi-Charge is a company working on an IR-based system that uses the charger attached to an outlet can beam electricity direct to mobile devices. The system appears to be flexible however, it’s not able to provide enough power to keep a smartphone fully completely charged.


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