The rise of artificial intelligence has seen the exploration of previously unexplored avenues which seemed impossible but now are since we have enabled computers to allow them to become more independent. This has been done using studying the structures of the human brain and using that neural and machine learning along with deep learning which helps in allowing computers to build a memory of their own. This memory can then be used for whatever purpose needed, like detecting criminals or for the worse, making fake videos.

Artificial intelligence has made it nearly impossible to detect the difference between a real person or a robot, which was evident by how voice assistants of today have been made powerful enough to answer our calls and talk to us like a normal person.

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Talking about fake videos, deep learning algorithms make it easier for the computer to make 3D models of people just by using thousands of photos and videos of people, doesn’t matter if the lighting isn’t right or there are other people in the photos, all that matters is that there are enough photos of the person to make a proper 3D model of the person. This deception has been responsible for spreading fake news and can lead to a lot of controversies if used for the wrong purposes. These photos and videos help in making the model after which the algorithm collaborates the voice of the person making the body gestures and all other reality checks that previously differentiated a real life person from a robot, well, not anymore.

However, on the good side of things, the person who researched on these algorithms has created a browser plugin to detect fake videos and photos on websites and alerting the user instantly. This is a good sign moving forward because AI needs to be controlled before it gets out of hands.


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