Developing OS as difficult as making chips?

Zepp OS

Xiaomi backed smartwatch and fitness tracking device maker in Huami technology proceeded on to hold a new product launch event in China where the company ended up unveiling a new self-developed operating system in Zepp OS.

This newly launched Zepp OS is actually developed upon FreeRTOS microkernel open-source code. The system package wise is only around 55MB which of course is about 1/7th of the size of Amazfit OS used indeed by Huami technology.

The company happens to be projecting Zepp OS as not only a smartwatch operating system which is powering the hardware but also as an open health management platform. Huang Weng, who is the CEO of the company, goes on to claim that the difficulty thereby which is encountered when making a smartwatch operating system happens to be no less than that of making a chip.

Huami though has done both of these “difficult things.” Along with announcing its new self developed operating system for the sake of wearable devices, the company also launched Huangshan 2S – which is indeed the industry’s very first dual-core RISC-V wearable chip.

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Nonetheless, having the company’s very own operating system goes on to ensure that the software is in fact optimized so as to perform better when compared to using an existing system and also implementing it on the device. It is in fact optimized software which happens to offer a good performance out of the hardware.

It has indeed been claimed that the operating system has the potential to reduce operational power consumption by 65 percent and also increase battery life by 190 percent as compared to the preview version – which of course in its own right has the potential to offer an overall improved user experience for the sake of wearable devices.


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