A Digital Birth Registration (DBR) Cell was launched on Thursday at the Local Government Complex, Lahore by Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD) Punjab, United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Telenor Pakistan.

The DBR is intended at achieving universal birth registration where live data flow of birth registration will be obtainable by means of refined technology system.

Bahawalpur and Pakpattan districts already have the live data flows been set up by UNICEF Country Representative for Pakistan, Ms. Angela Kearney, and Shahid Nasir Raja, Special Secretary LG&CDD.

The birth registration service is currently accessible, with the aid of advanced digital mobile phone technology, in these two districts only. But, the target is to spread out the project to 8 other districts which demonstrate the lowest birth registration rates in 2018.

Why is the need for Birth Registration crucial?

The need for Digital birth registration is essential. Conversely, Pakistan lacks in this regard. While talking about the need for birth registration, Angela Kearney stated:

“The right of the child to birth registration is a basic right, and a Digital birth registration certificate is regarded by UNICEF as a permit to safety for all children across the world.

We praise the government of Punjab for prioritizing and giving importance the registration of children’s births issue across the province as a development priority, mainly for those left behind and barred”.

She also valued the efforts of Telenor and their technical support in the plan and its execution at the sub-national level.

Shahid Nasir Raja accepted the support of UNICEF, he stated:

“The government of Punjab is dedicated to supporting the accomplishment of universal birth registration for children aged 17 years and under in mark districts of the province before the finish of 2024.

As per the compulsion enshrined under the rule on the Rights of the Child, Digitalization is one of the apexes most priorities of our Government for the improved provision of reachable and proficient services to its populace”.


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