A positive change positive development, it is encouraging to note that the Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) is now considered comparable in comparison to FSc pre-engineering as well as Pre-Medical.

The new development will open the doors to millions of DAE students to be able to apply to universities based on merit.

In this context the chief operating officer (COO) for Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Punjab, Akhtar Abbas Bharwana, described the new development as exceptional and expressed his hope that DAE students will be capable of pursuing higher education.

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COO TEVTA Punjab added that technical education is the necessity of the moment, and claimed the DAE students have better job prospects than the majority of FSc students.

In a different incident, COO TEVTA Punjab recently sent a report to the provincial office, asking to offer a specific allocation to every TEVTA employees.

As per the information, TEVTA has sought up to 25% compensation for all employees at levels of administration. Be aware that TEVTA’s province’s Finance Ministry had initially advised TEVTA against such a statement.


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