DIRBS Implementation applauded at ITU GSR 2019 in Bangkok

DIRBS Implementation applauded at ITU GSR 2019 in Bangkok
DIRBS Implementation applauded at ITU GSR 2019 in Bangkok

So the PTA DIRBS initiative seems to have been a success and the efforts of PTA have been applauded at the  ITU-NBTC Asia-Pacific Regulators Round table and Training Session” in Bangkok which was held from the 2nd to 6th September 2019. In addition to things,the experts who were present at the event while speaking at a special session on Addressing Illegal, Counterfeit and Stolen Devices emphasized on country regulators to adopt and implement necessary Policy, Regulations, and Technical Solution to overcome the constantly rising problem of counterfeit, illegal and stolen mobiles. The sessions which were presented by Mr. Samer Sharma from ITU and Michael Millig an who is the Secretary-General Mobile & Wireless Forum, Recep Esler who represented Qualcomm were the ones who really highlighted the case of Pakistan where they thought that the efforts of  PTA should be seen to be positive in this regard as they have in turn addressed the issue of illegal device imports and hence these efforts should be applauded by all.

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In addition to the DIRBS, PTA had also successfully introduced a helpline and convenience center to provide consumers with ease who wish to know about the DIRBS system. Also, they introduced a Device Verification System(DVS), which allowed consumers to  check whether their devices are complaint or non-complaint even before they can make there purchase.  The import of illegal phones has already caused a tremendous amount of damage to overall economy of Pakistan, hence, PTA decided to block all illegal mobile phones after several warnings in which they gave consumers the chance to register their devices through an online registration system. It is because of the PTA DIRBS system that local industry has seen a very amazing change which is welcomed by all.

A statistic in recent times has shown that one in seven handsets are counterfeit. This is a growing problem as these illegal devices frequently contain malware which in turn allows personal information to be stolen by non-party people. Directly or indirectly, illegal devices are encouraging crimes and terrorism, which is causing many problems throughout the world.

For readers information, the ITU and NBTC organized the “ITU-NBTC Asia-Pacific Regulators Round table” (2-3 September 2019) and the ITU-NBTC International Training Program (4-6 September 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand. The event was supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts, Government of Australia. Finally to see a system crested by Pakistan to be applauded on a foreign stage is very welcoming for the people and this in turn shows Pakistan in a positive light to the world and we are therefore happy for the successful implementation of the overall DIRBS system.


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