DIRBS results in 98% increase in imports of Mobile Phones in Pakistan

DIRBS results in 98% increase in imports of Mobile Phones in Pakistan
DIRBS results in 98% increase in imports of Mobile Phones in Pakistan

So it comes as good news that the successful implementation of DIRBS has in turn helped see Pakistan imports of mobile phone devices increase in the country. Moreover, it should be noted that the overall Mobile phone imports in Pakistan have seen an astonishing increment of 97.89 percent in July 2019, doubling its value from $37.3 million to $73.8m. It is a phenomenal growth one which should be seen as an successful improvement coming by the new system designed to regulate the inflow of mobile phones from foreign countries.

It is worth noting here that after the currency of Pakistan depreciated, the import of mobile phones in to the country was declining as far as the previous fiscal year is concerned. Furthermore,, mobile phone import bill declined  from $741.8m in FY18 to $596.4m in FY19. The handset imports in July rose by above 14pc ($64.6m) compared to the same month last year.

Moving on,when the DIRBS was launched, and people were unaware of the overall scenario, at first many people expected that the imports of mobile devices will see a downfall, however as time went on it was proven by the new system that this system was in place to decrease the in flow of counterfeit devices in the country while helping to rationalize mobile phone imports to maintain a regul atory system in the country, so that people do not work in providing illegal devices in the country.

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As per DIRBS, the import of mobile phone is only possible by paying taxes. The rising percentage of Imports of mobile phone devices have shown us that DIRBS is successful in obtaining taxes on mobile phone through its uncanny design and this has not only helped increase revenue but has also regulate the legalization of mobile phones in Pakistan. . Moreover, PTA restricted the free mobile registration after July 1 and this has in turn further helped in increasing the mobile phone imports in Pakistan.

In addition to things a global technology firm known as Canalys, has also compiled data of Pakistan’s mobile phone market and they have in turn revealed the decline of mobile imports in Pakistan in the last fiscal year. Around 1.1m devices were brought to Pakistan during FY18 the number even decreased to 0.8 in FY19. But the sharp spike in mobile phone imports abruptly is a very good signal and is due to the technological improvements in the handsets.


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