According to Korean site Naver, although Samsung is working on its on-screen fingerprint scanner, this might not feature in the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, due to the lack of time. This basically means that the new tech, through which your fingerprint would be scanned on-screen, rather than with a separate button, would not be a feature in the Galaxy Note 8.

Naver received this information from Samsung Electronics official, who said that they had made every effort to integrate the scanner on-screen, however, decided to go against this, due to ‘various technical limitations such as security’. There were also rumors that this type of technology would feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 after there were immense rumors going on that its dual home/fingerprint scanner was being axed. However, at the end, Samsung decided to go with a rear fingerprint sensor setup.

According to Naver, it won’t be long till we finally see the debut of the on-screen fingerprint scanner, as it is likely to feature in the Samsung Galaxy s9. Not only this, but Naver also provided some hints regarding the features that we might be seeing in the Galaxy Note 8. It will perhaps be launched in September, would feature a 6.3-inch curved display, a dual camera setup, and a battery of 3200 mAh.


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