Doctor makes use of the latest iPhone to check eyes

Doctor makes use of the latest iPhone to check eyes

Tech giant Apple was responsible for recently launching the iPhone 13 series of smartphones and the pro models of these new phones make way with a new camera feature: macro mode. What macro mode does is that it allows for users to take photos as well as videos up close via the aid of the built-in camera app which happens to be stored within.

Unlike most users though, Doctor Tommy Korn, who happens to be an ophthalmologist, has actually found a rather interesting way thereby which the new macro photography within the latest iPhone 13 series could be used.

Indeed it was the doctor himself that actually shared details via the aid of a LinkedIn post – as he ended up revealing that he had been making use of the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max in order to check the patient’s eye via the aid of the new camera. Via the aid of the new macro mode, a rather detailed image of the eye can in fact be captured, hence making way and allowing for the doctor to observe as well as record important details with respect to the patient’s eyes.

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For those of you who are uninitiated, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, as well as the 13 Pro max, actually make way with the aid of an upgraded ultra-wide lens with a larger f/1.8 aperture and 120-degree field of view – hence being capable enough of taking macro images with just two centimeters of distance being involved.

Interestingly enough, the Macro mode also extends to video including Slo-mo and Time Lapse. The new iPhone 13 Pro as well as the iPhone 13 Pro Max make way with a new 77mm Telephoto camera. What this does is that it allows users to actually zoom while they are recording videos.


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