Xbox Series X does not yet support VR. In contrast to PlayStation 5, which is compatible with the older PSVR headset and will be getting PSVR 2. in the near future, Microsoft’s future plans with regard to VR are more elusive. There’s been no official announcement however, the company has played with VR technology before and there’s a possibility that something will be released in the near future.

Here’s what you should be aware of concerning VR and Xbox Series X as well as some options to think about.

Why doesn’t Xbox support VR?

The Head of Xbox Phil Spencer made it very clear in the month of October 2021 that the Xbox team isn’t focusing on VR. The primary mission of Xbox is software, and in particular, Game Pass.

“I believe that when we talk about immersion, we are thinking about mixed reality virtual reality, and I’ll even go as far as “metaverse,” which appears as the buzzword for today right now,” Spencer said during an interview with Wall Street Journal interview. “We’re very much a believer in that platform, and the hardware that can enable it certainly, but we’re focusing more on the software aspect of it at the moment. When I think of immersive environments and I consider the connections between players and communities this is a thing that’s important to us when we make our list of investments.”

Spencer will declare that he is appreciative of Sony as well as Oculus in their VR efforts, but Xbox will remain “focused at software” for the time being. That is the process of building a library of games that are impressive is more important then exploring VR. Given that the market already faces fierce competition, it’s an approach that’s sensible. It’s also making a difference -in the form of Game Pass hitting 25 million customers by the time 2022 begins.

Xbox Series X is certainly capable enough to allow VR So the choice not to create the headset is an investment decision for the company.

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VR options to think about

Although the VR prospects for the Xbox Series X is not a bright one There are plenty of other options to look into if want to leave Xbox. Xbox ecosystem. Our top VR headsets or VR Read Laptop roundup provides a thorough analysis of the various choices, but here’s a brief overview of the options:

  • Meta Quest 2: It’s quite affordable (starting at just $300) but it also does not require cables or other external hardware. Simply put the device on top of your head, pull out two of the Touch Controllers and you’re set to go.
  • Valve Index: The most versatile VR headset available it’s this Valve Index is an absolute force to be reckoned with. It requires a premium PC and be prepared to spend approximately $1,000, but only a handful of VR headsets match the capabilities that the Index.
  • PSVR: If you’re searching for a great VR console the only choice right moment is PSVR. Its sequel, PSVR 2, is anticipated to be released within the next year or so, though there’s no official confirmation regarding its release date from Sony.

Do you think that the Xbox Series X get VR in the near future?

It’s not clear the likelihood that VR will come to Xbox Series X in the near future. Microsoft hasn’t yet made any announcements however this doesn’t mean it won’t occur. Microsoft has been working on its HoloLens (a mixed-reality headset designed for use in business) and could have a solid base for a gaming-based VR headset.

Spencer has stated in 2020 that incorporating VR could be an ” no-brainer” in the event that VR continued to grow in popularity. VR is becoming more popular than it has ever been and there is a chance that Microsoft could put its hat in the game.

At present, Xbox Series X fans must find another option to get their VR fix.


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