Don’t chase a designation, chase a goal: a passion says Farhan Zakir at Startup Grind Lahore

Don’t chase a designation, chase a goal: a passion says Farhan Zakir at Startup Grind Lahore
Don’t chase a designation, chase a goal: a passion says Farhan Zakir at Startup Grind Lahore

Startup Grind conducted an interesting discussion on the ‘Future of IOT’, with Mr Farhan Zakir, the Director Enterprise Markets & IOT Solutions at ZongCMPak Ltd, chaired by the Chapter Director of Startup Grind Lahore, Mr Iftikhar Hussain.

Mr Zakir, a Business & Market development professional with over 22 years experience across Pakistan, witnessed and actively participated in the transformation of the telecommunication industry from its onset to its modern context. With over two decades worth of experience, he offers an insight into the ‘Future of IOT’ in Pakistan like no other individual.  He not only shared his life journey, his career moves, and objectives with audience, he also spoke abouthis predictions with regards to the future of telecommunication in Pakistan.

Tracing his life journey from his earliest years growing up outside Pakistan, later returning back, and continuing his education at FC College, he emphasized on the importance of having a strong connection with one’s cultural roots to maintain one’s authenticity.

“Even when we were living abroad, we were always reminded of our culture therefore, integrating back into Pakistani society was not difficult for us”, MrZakir.

From a management trainee at Nishat Group to a high rank position at Pearl Continental Lahore, Mr Zakir is respected and admired for his achievements.

While sharing his professional growth and accomplishments, he mentioned that he was always a hard worker and truly passionate about his work but he out stood because he was a smart worker. “Hard work everyone can do, smart work is difficult”, he remarked.

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Discussion on the ‘Future of IOT” with Mr Zakir also brought to light what our future holds when it comes to technological advancement. He addressed the incumbent 5G technology and its impacts on numerous sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to FMCG, Oil and Gas etc. He also unveiled the purpose of IOT i.e. advancement in biotechnology, nanotechnology etc, through which he explored this idea of an ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’. From a $7 Trillion projected investment by 2025, MrZakir predicts that the way we understand the world around us will truly change at an exponential rate because of IOT development. For Pakistan, he believes that even the illiterate are conscious about technology, therefore, the potential in Pakistan is high and can be further explored with even greater connectivity opportunities.

In the last he summed up the discussion with a valuable advice to the youth entering the workforce:

“Two things which will always follow you are money and death, I never count the money in my wallet, I believe that destiny will get me money if I work hard and use my brain a little.”

Along with this he reiterated the importance of short term and long term goals by saying

Last but not the least, he also counseled the audience with his words on howto present ones’ point of view in front of boss. He said:

“If you deliver your point respectfully and logically, you will be appreciated by your boss even if you make a mistake, ownership of that mistake will garner you great respect.”

To put it briefly, it was a fruitful and an inspiring discussion with Mr Zakir, a person who never gave up on his goals and achieved a great success.

 Startup Grind is thankful to its base camp Daftar khawan Central (Gulberg) Lahore and its Production partner Fabi Studios for their support and cooperation.


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