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Dooley believes Meghan’s father will be at royal wedding

Dooley believes Meghan’s father will be at royal wedding. Alongside the reports suggting that Meghan’s father Mr Thomas Markle who is a retired Emmy-award winning lighting director has pulled himself out of the royal wedding due to a picture scandal where he has been shown to be stupid and hammy, a hope of Markle’s change of decision is given by Dooley.

Dooley is 25 year old nephew of Meghan who says about his grand dad who had worked on shows such as General Hospital, that he will change his mind because he loves Meghan a lot.

Though Meghan’s mother Doria and father Thomas Markle were set to see their daughter walking down the aisle, Thomas has changed his mind while Meghan’s extended family not invited to the wedding have landed in London.

Meghan’s nephew Tyler; her brother Thomas Dooley, and their mother Tracy – the wife of Meghan’s half brother Thomas Markle Jr – were sighted at Heathrow Airport and they all are set to be special correspondents on Good Morning Britain.


Dooley, has told that his grand father had suggested only on Sunday that he would be at the wedding and he has also stated that his grandfather is now in pieces and has been broken.

Dooley calls his grand father to be a very reclusive guy who has been in the spotlight his entire life behind the cameras. But Dooley is sad to see him now thrusted into all this negativity with the Royals.

Dooley says, “It is overwhelming. My grandfather just wants to be left alone — he wants the peace and the quiet back”.

Dooley also reports Markle’s serious complications because of the stress, anxiety and pressure as he was told that Thomas had a heart attack and had a pretty big health scare.

Thomas Markle loves Dooley very much and is sorry about everything that’s happening.

Dooley says that he believes that his grandpa will change his mind again and will go to the ceremony because he loves Meghan Markle so much.

Dooley has also stated that “There is no way he is not going to go to that wedding. That is his daughter and she loves him more than anything in the world.”


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