Dozens of new emojis are coming to WhatsApp

Dozens of new emojis are coming to WhatsApp
Dozens of new emojis are coming to WhatsAppDozens of new emojis are coming to WhatsApp

Among all the messaging apps that are available today, WhatsApp is among the most widely used. Although WhatsApp may not have the latest features, there are a few options which are exclusive to WhatsApp, such as the ability to support bigger groups through Communities, even though it may not have the most recent features.

Over 20 new emojis have been approved by Unicode Consortium and are now being worked on by WhatsApp in order to support them. Finally, you will be able to do a proper high five with your friends by using emojis in your conversations. 

The Unicode Consortium has approved the Unicode 15 standard as of mid-September. As part of this new standard, 4,489 characters are added, including 20 new emojis (31 if you include every possible variation of skin tone).

WaBetaInfo, one of the most popular WhatsApp feature trackers, took a look at WhatsApp’s latest beta version and gave it a good go. There are now 21 Unicode 15 emoticons available as part of the messaging service.

Hopefully in the near future, the 21 new emojis will be available to beta testers all over the world, but we are not yet sure of the exact release date. It has also been announced by WhatsApp developers that 8 older emojis have also been tweaked. As you can see, there are a number of differences between the emojis for ‘pleading’ and ‘holding back tears’ that are most obvious visually.

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Here is a screenshot of the screen you can see.

With its OneUI5 Android 13 update, Samsung was the first company to provide Unicode15 emojis to its customers, beating Google and other major smartphone OEMs to the punch. Among these are three colored hearts, an angel’s wings, and a Wi-Fi symbol, among others. It might be easier to find the right emoji if these special characters are available on WhatsApp, since they are available on the messaging app.

It has also been reported that WhatsApp has added the ability to send a message to yourself recently. Quite like Telegram, Slack, and other chatting apps, Message Yourself, as the name says, lets you create a chat with yourself so you can save messages, media, documents, or other items for later. You can also transfer files between different devices using this feature.

It is still in beta at the time of writing.


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