The organization, Dubai International City(DIC) on Wednesday came out and launched a new freelance permit for the people who are working in the category of technological advance. These new permits will help professionals of the industry to increase their sources of income and will also help free zone attract international and local people who have talent. Moreover the freelance package will cost about Dh 7500 annually which comes along with a freelancer permit and access to the business centre. If any one person requires a visa then the DIC will also help in this regard through the process.

Moving on, the Dubai Media City and the Dubai Knowledge Park also launched similar packages a few months ago which were supposedly targeted at the education and the media sectors. The package also cost about Dh 7500. Moreover professionals hailing from the domains of web, mobile software development, architecture, IT, Telecom networking, data science, analytics and customers are all eligible to pay for these services. Furthermore the freelancers will also be given the option to work with the company they choose to, they can also decide which projects they want to work on and finally manage their own schedule so helps in breaking the 9-5 routine and can actually give the user some sort of motivation.

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A latest statistic shows that there are an estimate of around 100,000 licensed freelancers paid of a short-term contract basis. Moreover as time has moved on more and more companies are welcoming the flexibility on work schedules and the option to work from their own premises which in turn has helped these companies to increase their productivity levels and also has brought down operational costs somewhat.

Moreover Saadia Zahidi who is the head of Centre for the New Economy and Society at the World Economic Forum has came out and stated that the new software and app developers, data analyst’s and scientists will help in creating jobs in the Mena region in the coming few years. Moreover it is also been seen that the jobs more specifically skills such as analytical thinking, innovation, technology, design and programming and finally system analysis and evaluation will be the key skills that will be demanded the most by the year 2022.

Finally Ms Zahidi states that the foundation of such initiatives is the lack of jobs being presented to the youths in the region who on paper have a job that matched their supposed degree but still fail to secure jobs due to the lack of skills in other departments. They do not know how to work in teams or how to present themselves to potential employers!


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