Dubai has recently launched a new initiative known as the Gaming Visa Program, designed to attract talented gamers from around the world with the offer of long-term visas. This initiative is part of Dubai’s broader Program for Gaming 2033, which aims to establish the city as a global gaming hub by 2033. The goal of this program is to generate 30,000 new jobs in Dubai and contribute an impressive $1 billion to the emirate‚Äôs GDP.

The Gaming Visa Program will provide long-term residency to gamers, content creators, and industry professionals through a special Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate. However, there are specific eligibility criteria for this certificate, including a minimum age requirement of 25 years. Applicants must also submit their gaming-related CV and a copy of their passport along with other required documents such as educational qualifications, proof of contributions to the gaming community (optional), desired job roles, residence permits or EIDs (if applicable), and additional personal details like residence and workplace.

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Interested gamers can apply for the program through the official Dubai Gaming Initiative website. After submitting their applications, they will receive updates via email and will be granted the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate upon successful application. Dubai’s initiative is not limited to gamers; it also welcomes programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and leading tech companies as part of its broader effort. The city is investing significantly to streamline the visa process, aiming to reduce processing times from a month to just 5 days.


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