Go through the list of the best police line in the world. You will defiantly find the Dubai police in top numbers. The Dubai Police is one of the chiefly unique in the world. To stands out from the crowd, one of the only police forces with supercars such as the Lamborghini and others. By the end of 2017, Dubai will set up self-driving patrol cars to improve the security levels. This news comes after Dubai announced strategy to roll out flying passenger drones in the summer.

To spot criminals and other types of the populace that are considered as a security risk cars will work on their own and will be patrolling the streets. The cars are predictable to beef up the safety measures of Dubai jointly with the other police departments.

The cars will be totally driverless and will not require an operator to direct them. To assist in the observation exercise these cars will also have a cohort drone that will be operated from the Dubai Police command room.

Biometric tools will facilitate the patrol car to inspect the people it will be meeting on its patrol runs.

OTSAW Digital which is based in Singapore will manufacture the equipment. This company has crammed in the robot’s capabilities with equipment such as a lidar, thermal cameras, GPS, HD cameras, laser scanners and many others.

The Dubai Police have set a goal of creating entirely robot police force not including any humans by the year 2030.At present, the Dubai Police endeavors at replacing at least 25% of its police force with robots.

Last month, the Dubai Police welcomed its very first robot police officer which was the main breakthrough towards achieving the 2030 target.

With the passage of time, the Department of Dubai Police aims to launch more and more robots to further computerize the course of providing security to its general public.


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