Dutch students design carbon-eating electric vehicles

Dutch students design carbon-eating electric vehicles

The sleek all electric vehicles that hails from the Netherlands looks like the BMW coupe. However, it it is distinctive in that it absorbs more carbon than the emissions it produces.

“Our ultimate objective is to build an environmentally sustainable future,” said Jens Lahaije who is the finance manager at TU/ecomotive which is the Eindhoven University of Technology student team that designed the car.

The model is dubbed ZEM to mean zero emissions transportation, this two-seater car houses the Cleantron lithium-ion battery and the majority of its components are 3D-printed using recycled plastics, according to Lahaije.

The goal is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released throughout the entire life of the vehicle from production through recycling, he explained.

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Battery electric vehicles produce practically no CO2 in operation when compared to combustion engines, however, the battery cell’s production can cause so much pollution it could require EVs many thousands of miles in order to achieve “carbon equivalent” with fossil-fueled vehicles comparable to.

ZEM employs two filters which can absorb two kilograms (4.41 lbs) of CO2 in the course of 20,000 miles The Eindhoven team calculated. They envision a time when filters can be cleaned on charging stations.

The students have taken their vehicles in an U.S. promotional tour to companies and universities across to the East Coast to Silicon Valley.


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