DxOMark goes on to announce new benchmark for Wireless speakers

DxOMark Wireless speakers
DxOMark Wireless speakers

In the very recent turn of events, DxOMark proceeded on to announce a new benchmark to test the sound quality of wireless speakers. The new benchmark would be called DxOMark Speaker and will have the firm test a large variety of speakers.

For those of you who are unaware, DxOMark happens to be a known brand that goes on to review as well as test professional grade and consumer grade cameras as well as the cameras found in smartphones. The ratings it goes on to provide are known to be taken with great regards in the industry, so the expansion will also open up more avenues for the firm. The company will use scientific rating and aggregate hundreds of test results for each speaker that they in fact test.

In accordance to an executive based in at DxOMark : “The speaker market offers a wide range of products and audio technologies. Consumers purchasing speakers require more information beyond what is communicated by manufacturers. With our new performance benchmark, we provide relevant objective information that helps buyers make more informed purchasing decisions, similar to what we have been providing for smartphone and camera consumers across the world.”

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Very notably, DxOMark has gone on to perform audio testings ever since the past two years and has even gone on to include smartphones in this particular category starting last year. Now, the firm will have a dedicated team of sound engineers so as to perform tests for wireless speakers using state-of-the-art lab systems as well as proprietary test protocols, which will be based around the consumers’ experience.

All in all though, the fact that DxOMark has taken this step is decent enough news because the contributions that will be made by DxOMark in this regards are only likely to further add credibility and hence the consumer can be more sure of the product that they buy.


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