One thing that OnePlus takes great pride in is the software. Oxygen OS has redefined simplicity to the ultimate core. Earlier, it were the pixel devices that were the go-to for the perfect android experience. But not so anymore, since Oxygen OS has taken over. Oxygen OS has android throughout but minor tweaks here and there, a little bit of added functionality and an extremely active community of developers allow the company to come up with solutions to software issues far quicker than any other competitor is able to. This adds to the advantage that whenever a new android version is released it is first the pixel devices that get the update, and soon after comes OnePlus devices, not to mention the fact that they are quite powerful devices making it possible for older oneplus device to run the latest of android.

The most recent of updates has included quite a bit of magic. Apart from the performance, battery and camera tweaks, Oneplus has brought over quite a few of the features of the latest OnePlus 7 to the older but still in popular demand, OnePlus 6/6t devices. This update includes a screen recorder feature present in the drop down menu making it easier for users to make tutorial videos or upload videos of not working apps or other problems. One major and rather new feature added to the Oneplus and then later ported to older devices was the Zen mode.


The name tells literally nothing about how the mode works, so here goes. The Zen mode, is specially catering the needs of smartphone addicts who spend way more time on their smartphones than they are supposed to. The mode allows for a timer to be set to monitor continuous usage of the device and when the chosen time, for example 2 hours or 3, are over, the phone is disabled for the next 20 minutes. Only the camera works and the user can receive or make phone calls. The phone can be fully used only when the 20 minutes are over and those who have been using it, me included, have exploited the mode to its full potential, as it prevents hooking up to the device for long periods of time and rather forces oneself to focus elsewhere.

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