Easy step to check out whether your phone is fake or original. Accept it or not but the fact is clear that in today’s world the basic necessity for millions of people is smartphone. And due to reason the smartphone industry is experiencing a boom in sales all around the world. However, with every new launch of smartphone there also come lots of fake and replica mobile sets in the market.

There is no surprise that how these smartphones are being sold in the market as original because they got branded tags that seems to display the features of the original phone.

On the other hand, the hub these fake mobile devices are Asian countries and largely China.

The reason why this fake manufacturing of replica devices rising is “price tag” as they target price sensitive market.  These phones are available at a significantly low price as compared to original ones.

It is clever to be careful but Chinese copies bring some problems that shouldn’t be ignored.  If you get the lower price tag then you may have to compromise on its quality and performance.

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So here are some easy and simple steps to follow while purchasing a smartphone.

  • Check out the IMEI of your handset. It’s a 15 digits number and simple way to find it to dial *#06# and your IMEI will pop up. It will also be placed on the box of your mobile phone. You can also find it by removing back cover and battery.
  • In addition, you can also find your IMEI by going in settings → about phone → status. So, if your IMEI number is same both on your smartphone box and software then your phone is original otherwise you have gotten in trouble.
  • Check out the Ram status by going in setting→ about phone, particularly if you’re buying OPPO phone, if it’s same as mentioned in spec of phone then your phone is original and vice versa.
  • Hold the smartphone in your hands to feel it properly before buying it as the quality of the fake phone will not be same as the real one, at all.
  • Compare the specification of handset given on the back of box of the phone and by going to Settings > About phone. If the specifications don’t match, it’s possible your phone is a replica.
  • The RAM of fake device will be small as compared to original phones.
  • Do ask shopkeeper or retailer that smartphone is type-approved by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
  • Always buy the smartphone from the company outlet even if it’s little bit expensive. Avoid buying smartphone from shops that seem odd. As, buying from original outlet will guarantee that you have bought original device.

Well, now the next time when you visit the market to buy a new smartphone make sure you follow the above mentioned simple steps to check whether your phone is original or fake


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