Easypaisa Parts Ways with Telenor Pakistan


Easypaisa was established back in 2009 by Telenor Pakistan. Easypaisa is a mobile financial service which allows people to transfer money locally. It is now parting ways with the Telenor Company. It was initially a Telenor Pakistan’s product which is being transferred to Tameer bank now. The thing to keep in mind is that Tameer Bank was fully acquired by Telenor Group a few months ago.  Ali Chaudhry, the President, and CEO of Tameer Bank will head Easypaisa from now on.

Due to change now Easypaisa’s reporting, information, day to day reports, schedules and balance sheets would be under Tameer Bank. Easy Paisa will now have its own PR agency, digital agency and all other vendors separately in order to run independently and smoothly on daily basis.

Easypaisa’s staff would be allowed to keep using the offices and workplaces made by Telenor Pakistan but Telenor Pakistan will charge some amount of money for that purpose. For instance, both the companies’ will start ways charging each other for the usage of certain facilities and services. Rumors are also there that tamer bank might change its name to Telenor bank however this may require approvals before its official announcement from the directors.

Some say that this is going to help the Telenor group but results are still to be seen.

It’s early to say but we have silently heard that Alibaba along with getting a hold of an e-commerce company in Pakistan is also considering to start a payment and transferring gateway. The separation of Easypaisa with Telenor Pakistan as an independent unit may start making a lot of sense if the rumors get true. Although easy paisa has covered and served for a quite a long time now and has become popular locally, Pakistan ways still lacks an affordable payment gateway. Pakistan’s e-commerce market is set to grow beyond $1 billion within the next few years still Pakistan at the moment holds no payment gateway that works under ten minutes. Easypaisa, however, has prepared itself for new possibilities in future.


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