Amazon is now going to open up the voice recognition tech found in the Echo, after Amazon’s Alexa, a voice assistant of note in most voice-enabled products. While applying for access to the Amazon Alexa 7 – mic far field development kit, interested third party OEMs should note that it will be a strictly invite-only affair to start with. Submission from interested parties will be reviewed and access will be granted only those Amazon sees the most potential in.

The Joyous factor is that participant OEMs would not be charged. You can more easily be able to integrate Alexa into your product using Echo’s microphone array -the thing that makes it so good at picking up voices even in noisy rooms as well as Amazon’s wake word software when you are accepted.

Applying for participation will be worthwhile as that software is also featured to handle noise reduction and echo cancellation. Intel x86, ARM cortex, and Raspberry Pi are included in supported chipsets with an “other ” option for any not listed. It depends upon the length of the list and generosity of Amazon in granting golden tickets, we will see in the very near future a whole new wave of Echo-inspired voice-controlled products and Alexa’s strong grip on the world of far -field voice activated products.

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