EcoStar has been catching the pace of development since past grappling years. DWP group has maintained the ecosystem of the local industry and has produced magnificent products from the both EcoStar and Gree brands. Both brands managed to accomplish successful business with a line of products of Electronics and Home Appliances. Here we are delivering a brief review of EcoStar’s 43 inches4K UHD LED TV that we got hands on.

This 4K UHD TV is absolutely brilliant giving you the conclusion while starting. EcoStar VERO 4K UHD far above the ground resolution offers a picture with 4 times extra details than Full HD. Clear images with clear-cut color and contrast and a smart TV with a lot of android features of YouTube, Facebook& Netflix videos, Skype call, and loads of more. Enjoy the 4K vital experience with excellent picture resolution, profound black richness, and clarity. Slim & thin panel with new support stand makes it a stunning addition to your interior. All you need to buy this amazing EcoStar VERO 4K UHD to get a lifetime experience. The display panel is light enough to hang like a piece of art, held by a set of magnets. In stipulations of cool-factor, no other LED can beat it.

Features and Specs

UHD UP-Scaling

With the help of EcoStar’s Scaling Engine, improved features there would be upgrading of lesser resolution contents close to the ultra-high-definition improved features and better picture quality.


Unbelievable picture feature with rich colors and deep blacks, no matter what the sizes of LED enjoy best 4x resolution.

Smart TV!

Install your preferred and beloved program from a huge library of Android like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and games. There is a built in Wifi in EcoStar VERO 4K UHD through which you can browse the internet with an amazing attribute.

Quad Core Processor

With EcoStar VERO 4K UHD you can get the benefit of an amazing browsing experience and quicker process for apps, streaming data and information, and other media smoothly. Enjoy the fastest speed of your preferred movies.

Plug & Play USB with 4K Video Support

With the EcoStar USB connection, you will be capable of watching FHD/HD videos / Snoop to mp3s or display photo/image files in your digital camera, USB memory stick or memory card.

Ultra Gaming Experience with Xbox / Play station using HDMI

Gaming experience is amazing with this smart TV, with each output you plug in. The graphics of all high-resolution games were perfect and not pixilated at all. It seems like some of your players was coming out of the screen with this crystal clear picture quality.

Precision Black

Feel the theater performance and drama of every entertainment and pursuit experience with enhanced black levels and contrast – whilst bright areas stay bright.

Color banding has condensed considerably thanks to these improvements. You’ll immobile see it on compressed content coming from streaming services, but it’s far improved than it was earlier than. What you observe is extremely close up to whatsoever the source content produces.

Contrast Enhancer

Experience a greater sense of depth with optimized contrast consistently distributed on display every spot evenly lit. You will never afford to miss this feature while enjoying your favorite series. Are you?


EcoStar 43’’ VERO 4K UHD is available in just Rs. 54,900/- only all across the Pakistan and in this fare price will certainly recommend you to buy this one.

With the improvements EcoStar has made, its VERO 4K UHD LED’S are even harder to beat.


Screen Size: To enjoy the outstanding motion and picture now even bigger 43″ LEDis to entertain you.

LED: EcoStar VERO 4K UHD provides Amazing 4K LED, which offers you 4 times better details of each element you watch on screen.

Resolution:To get the high-quality pictureEcoStar present the 3840×2160 resolution.

GPU: Want an incredible pace and velocity; here it is with the help of Quad core CPU Dual GPU.

Smart Android: Equipped with Android operating system

RAM: DDR3, 1.5 GBmakes it speedier as ever.

USB Connectivity: Three USB ports (one of which is USB 3.0) are also offered for playing back photos, video, Images or music files. Those who do fancy employing some kind of outboard audio system can apply an optical cable.

HDMI Input: 3

PC-Input: Video & Audio

Motion Processing: Motion Engine

Panel: Enjoy the A Grade panel with thrilling value and class.

Model #: CX-43UD915

Warranty: EcoStar VERO 4K UHD offers a warranty of 2 Years of the panel and 1 year for parts.


We have checked this TV with each bit of detail for user experience, using USB ports, Sd cards, Xbox, Wifi connectivity, others and found it very useful for all of them. Except for some lacking sound quality in most of the cases, this was good but no crystal clear and loud. So in a nutshell what we fancy when selecting a LED is picture quality and design. Picture performance, as I have already suggested, is outstanding. With the EcoStar VERO 4K UHD, you get perfect blacks, superb brightness and contrast, near-perfect color, and top-notch picture processing. The outcome is an image you desire to stare at all day long. The EcoStar VERO makes you crave to revisit old beloved movies you’ve not seen in a while and makes you thrilled to check out the latest titles coming out in 4K UHD.

EcoStar 43’’ VERO 4K UHD is available in Rs. 54,900/-only. You must grab this amazing opportunity to get a lifetime experience. EcoStar LED has the ability and guts to change your TV lounge into Cinema Theater. So what you are waiting for …go get your chance to avail this astonishing offer!


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