In Pakistan, the electric shortfall is resulting in increased load shedding, causing life paralyzed and unbearably boring. All fields of life are severely affected by this unscheduled blackout. From a newborn infant to a senior businessman, including students, employees, housewives, all are facing troubles. To chock back these distressing fact of life, many electrical companies are introducing different kinds of generators and UPS /Inverters.  EcoStar, one of the high ranked companies in Pakistan, is participating in the field of technology to facilitate the public with a comfortable and tension free life in a cost-effective approach.

EcoStar presents the NEW IRIS SERIES Inverter with a sleek built design and a large LCD display for a clear demonstration of operations. It is available in various models with a capacity starting from 600W up to 1600W.

EcoStar IRIS Series Model: IR-2440 (1400W) comes with an exclusive built-in 5 multiple protections and USB mobile charger available nationwide only in Rs. 17,300/. With IR-2440, one can operate at least 32 Energy Savers or 16 Tube Lights and 11 Ceiling Fans or any other electrical appliance as per watt description. In addition to this, it is accessible in four beautiful colors: Black, Silver, Metallic Blue & Red.

Intelligent Microprocessor:

This powerful series generates Modified Sine Wave, fulfilling the requirement of healthy & friendly power for all electronic devices. At the same time, its Intelligent Microprocessor controls the internal temperature of the inverter by a built-in Variable Speed Fan and produces power factor up to 0.9 for high production efficiency.

5 Built in Multiple Protections:

IR-2440 provides 5 Built in Multiple Protections catering to the issues that often result in damage to battery, electricity shortage or fault in inverters.

  • Short-circuit: Prevents the inverter and all connected appliances to it from getting impaired or explode due to short circuit.
  • Battery over-charge: With Battery over charge protection, the inverter automatically cuts off the charging of a battery at full charge condition saving it from getting used excessively.
  • Overload: Provides protection against overheating of the inverter during intense load shedding hours.
  • Self-sustaining on-board battery reverses polarity: Prevents IRIS Series inverters from damage even if the batteries are connected in opposite /wrong polarity.
  • Deep Discharge: Keeps the batteries, connected to the inverter, secure and provides Longer Power Backup.


USB Mobile Charger:

Low battery is not an issue for your cell phone anymore as now you can charge your mobile phones during load shedding, directly from the EcoStar IRIS Inverter. USB Mobile Charger in IR-2440 is the best feature to keep your valuable devices secure and fully charged.

Self -Diagnostic System:

The Self -Diagnostic System in EcoStar IR -2440 generate codes automatically if any fault exists. These codes are different for each section and depend upon the nature of the problem in the Inverter. Furthermore, for clear indication of error, a beep sound is assigned to different fault codes in the Iris Inverter.

For example: Beep every 0.5 second significantly indicates overload, beep every second directs to low battery and beep continuously exhibits the problem in the inverter.

Warranty & After Sales Services:

EcoStar IR-2440 (1400W) comes with complete 1-year warranty including free repairs/free maintenance and product replacement. In addition to this, for any query or complaint EcoStar has a strong, efficient and very well established after-sales service centers nationwide responding to customer requests 24/7.

EcoStar Maintenance Free Batteries:

Along with EcoStar IRIS Series inverter, EcoStar has launched its new maintenance free batteries available in 100, 150 and 200 amperes. These deep cycle batteries come with exclusive AGM technology, with no gas emissions and are completely non-spillable. EcoStar batteries are high in performance, easy to use and provide interruption-free electricity back up for longer durations.

EcoStar IRIS Series Inverter is so good that we can’t help saying that it is the necessity of every home and completes your desire of getting tasks done on time leading to a stress-free life. This product is designed to maintain sustainability in situations where other low-quality inverters break down. It is energy efficient and operates for incessant hours without creating any hassle. As compared to generators, EcoStar IRIS Inverters are cost effective, flexible in installation and are noise free with minimum care or maintenance requirement.

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UAN: 111-005-006


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