ECP surprises PTI for support of secret ballot

ECP surprises PTI for support of secret ballot

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led government is astonished in the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) response to the Supreme Court from the presidential reference case wherein it encouraged secret ballot from the Senate elections.

A senior administration functionary, while speaking to The Express Tribune, disclosed the ECP’s concise statement on Saturday came as a surprise to the authorities. He explained that the authorities didn’t anticipate the election supervisor would oppose the open ballot.

Another senior government functionary considered the ECP’s stance is in breach of Article 218(3) of this Constitution and Supreme Court ruling in PLD 2012 SC 681, which led the ECP to take all actions to curb corrupt practices and make elections clear, fair, fair and just.

He asked as to what measures the ECP has obtained so much to make the Senate elections clear. On the flip side, ECP sources stated the concise statement was prepared on the directions of ECP members.

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Legal analysts have stated that despite demonstrating anger, the PTI could refrain from providing any response to the ECP’s stand since the issue is sub judice. Likewise, the overseas funds case hearing is also going to restart prior to the ECP.

It’s also learnt that not all of the government functionaries are exactly the a single page regarding open ballot from the Senate elections. 1 part from the PTI government doesn’t want it. A cabinet member has reportedly stated that institution had evinced no interest in altering the procedure of Senate polls.

An senior PTI leader thought Prime Minister Imran Khan desired to provide celebration tickets to a couple people that are unpopular amongst lawmakers and there were apprehensions that in case of secret ballot, they may not receive the votes.

The PTI hadn’t encouraged applications for party tickets to the Senate elections up to now. The party hadn’t yet formed a plank to shortlist the candidates. It’s learnt that Prime Minister Imran will himself declare the titles of their PTI candidates.

Surprisingly, pro-establishment attorneys are publicly saying that Senate elections couldn’t be held through open ballot with no constitutional amendment.

The authorities through Attorney General for Pakistan Khalid Jawed Khan has hunted interpretation of Article 226 of the Constitution throughout the presidential mention. In accordance with Article 226, all elections aside from those of their prime minister and chief ministers, will likely be hauled through secret ballot.

The AGP has stated that the government simply wants clarification if the Senate elections must be held under the Constitution or law. The government considers that open ballots from the Senate elections could be released by amending the Election Act 2017, rather than amending the Constitution.

On the other hand, the opposition parties assert that a constitutional amendment is required to change the voting style. Similarly, the superior bars will also be opposing the transfer.

The courtroom has delisted the benchmark case that was adjusted for hearing today (Monday).


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