Egypt denies rumours of non-issuance of visas to Pakistani citizens


There is no truth behind the news surfacing against the Egyptian embassy not facilitating Pakistani citizens. Egypt’s Emissary Ahmad Fadil Yaqoob assured the people of Pakistan that the press release of Egypt denying the right to visas for Pakistani citizens holds no credibility. 

Just last year Egypt’s Embassy issued 10,000 visas to Pakistani citizens. Egypt’s nation prides itself in hosting the tourists with open arms from all over the world. They wish to welcome and facilitate more tourists every year.

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Emissaries from Egypt assured the visa applicants today that they shall all be facilitated and issued visas. Pakistani industrialists, businessmen, and professionals are all set to fly to the land of Pharaohs on 23rd January 2020. from amongst the group, ten visas are yet to be issued but the embassy has assured their issuance by tomorrow.

The Embassy of Egypt has requested the people of Pakistan to kindly apply six weeks in advance for the visa process to work effectively.


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