I still have a vibrant collection of those moments in my memory lane, when a few years ago, two adorable goats entered into my home, as my father bought them two weeks prior to Eid-al-Adha. My happiness was at its peak because I was so overwhelmed to see such lovely and cute little animals. They looked as lovable as anything, with gleaming blue eyes and pointed noses on little cute faces and smooth and sleek skin with their black and white fur.

Within in days, they become so close to me. I used to play with them, fed them and soon they were so familiar with me. As soon as I came back from school and entered the gate, their echoed hit my ears like they are calling me in their voice, and without wasting time I would rush towards them and rest of the day play with them.

Finally, the day comes when my eyes witnessed the scene that sticks in my mind for ages and on the first day of Eid-al-Adha I saw those cute little creatures being sacrificed.

I was so sad, torn in tears and felt sorry for them. Then my father told me the story which was an opening for me and my little poor mind that was the true “story of sacrifice”. He told me why this sacrifice was necessary.

He took me to the times when hundreds years ago God wanted to test Abraham’s faith, love, and devotion and asks him to sacrifice that is very dear to him.

For Abraham (A.S) it was the main trial to face the command of God to sacrifice his only son got at the age of 86 with plenty of Duas. But upon hearing this command, he was ready to fulfill God’s will. When he was all prepared and was about to cut the neck of his son just for the sake of Allah, then Allah revealed to him that his “sacrifice” had already been accepted. By performing this act he had shown that his love for his Lord was above all others love and he would lay down his own life or the lives of that beloved to him in an attempt to submit to God.

That was the day when I truly realized “true essence of Eid-al-Adha is to sacrifice something close to our hearts because it is supposed to signify our readiness to give away something dear to us, in order to submit to Allah”.

My father said to me that basically every year the sacrifice we offer is intended to memorize and honor the trials of Prophet Ibrahim (as). It is made to keep alive the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (as).

Realization hit to me after some years when I got the concept that a Muslim is one who totally submits himself or herself to Allah. It is certainly the power of the heart, purity of faith and willing compliance that our creator desires from us.

As Allah says in Quran;

“It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your devotion that reaches Him.” (Qur’an 22:37)”

So my message to all Muslim brothers and sisters is that “the act of sacrificing animals on Eid-al-Adha is symbolism in the attitude, a motivation to make sacrifices in our lives, in order to stay on the right path and to help poor”.

And Eid Mubarak to everyone from NetMag team! Stay blessed all.


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