Elearn Punjab, a Suitable Option for Students of Pakistan to Learn!

Well the government of Pakistan has created an online educational platform known as the Elearn Punjab. This platform aims to empower students and help them face the problems that many students may or may not face during their school life. Students who lack some sort of knowledge or those who may not quite understand the concepts of their education in class and have no one to help them over this tough period can therefore make their way to their website www.elearn.punjab.gov.pk .

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Moreover this platform has online courses instilled in its system, these online courses can be used by students from class 6th to class 12th and can in turn seek help from the information this platform has to provide. The website design is fairly easy to understand, simply go to the website, you will get various options on which grade of education you would like to learn from, e.g 6th class or 9th class, simply choose the option that is suitable to your needs. It will then take you to another page where you will see a list of subjects to decide from, choose the subject that you may require some help from, after which various chapters of the said subject will be shown choose the chapter and you are good to go!

Elearn Punjab, a Suitable Option for Students of Pakistan to Learn!

This website contains data such as , the syllabus content, syllabus information, audio lectures and video lectures which can all be easily viewed and used as a source of information. Moreover the basic aim of this platform is to help parents utilize the electronic media instead of opting to send their children to various tuitions which can costly. In turn this provides a very suitable alternative to academies. Furthermore, education is a key part of a nation’s values and interests, and therefore this is a very good Initiative taken up the government of Pakistan to help these students in as easy a way they could! A country only succeeds if it provides a suitable and up to date system for education which can be optimized by the students!

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