Control your Electronic Devices with Samsung Galaxy Note 8,

Control your Electronic Devices with Samsung Galaxy Note 8,

Control your Electronic Devices with Samsung Galaxy Note 8,

Amazement is shattered everywhere in nature but technology is no exception in this case. With the passage of time as our days of life are going the technological advancements are emerging rapidly.

Though it happens in the everyday advancing technological world the gadgets mentioned below would amaze you extraordinarily.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 that really does not catch fire as Note 7 did in 2016, is a really bigger,  smarter and faster device.

It is the almost bezel-less product by Samsung with 6.3-inch edge-to-edge Infinity Display screen. It is a pack of 64GB Storage capacity that can be expanded by micro SD slot, 6 GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

This water and dust resistant handset assure a battery that promises fast wireless charging.

It offers you an S Pen to write notes, select text, mark up images, and even to make animated GIFs from videos. The S Pen has a finer point and enhanced pressure sensitivity levels than before.

The S Pen has become the key selling point for Samsung adherents, that’s why the company had given attention to it.

Dual rear cameras with 12 MP lenses that can capture wide-angle images using telephoto features are the best to note in Note8.

A neat dual-capture feature allows users to take close-up and wide-angle pictures.

The stumbling point in case of deciding Note 8’s purchase is its price, that is  US$929 for an unlocked device.

Goggle Galaxy Note 8, Sonic Brew, Smalt and Roaming Fridges

Ultrasonic Tea

Teamosa is a product that costs $399 but for early bird backers, it is available for $ 239 with the start of its Kickstarter campaign from 13th September.

It shakes up how we make tea by heating the water through ultrasound.

The device draws water from the tank in its base and uses loose-leaf tea or company’s compostable paper pods and makes a cup of tea only in three minutes.

Company’s companion app can also work if you want to tweak the settings for particular blend and temperature changes.

Goggle Galaxy Note 8, Sonic Brew, Smalt and Roaming Fridges

Panasonic Fridge

Now you will call your fridge instead of housemaid while you are sitting at the dinner table and need something from the fridge. As Panasonic has made a fridge that will serve you even if you call it into your bedroom or anywhere in the house.

Ku will recognize the bottles you put inside it and would recommend a pairing for whatever you are eating. It can place an order if you are running low on something.

Ku is the best product for elderly persons or infirm as well. Now my grandma would be able to avoid kitchen trips and will be served at her bed.


But it will take almost six years to comfort my grandma as the fridge is not too much safe to start serving her. And it will take some time to join our homes in a safe way.

Goggle Galaxy Note 8, Sonic Brew, Smalt and Roaming Fridges

Smalt dispenser

Smalt is a small,  Juicero-level laughing stock that is a connected dispenser. This product tracks the consumption of sodium and specific salt measurements are made by the Alexa voice assistant or companion app.

The process of tracking salt consumption is completed by Alexa voice assistant or companion application, ambient lighting and Bluetooth speakers.


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