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Ellen Degeneres is unable to win back her fans after shows rating drop significantly

One of the most watched shows on American Television, The Ellen show has seen a pretty rough patch this year and unlike many things, COVID-19 has nothing to do with this particular show but rather its because of the host herself that the show is experiencing a significant drop in its ratings. Ellen DeGeneres has not had the best of years, the host of the Ellen show has been   accused of creating a toxic work environment at her TV show and several staff members as well as participants in the crowd have come out with some shocking stories which reveal a rather different picture to what Ellen shows the people when the show is live. 

 Several former staff members came forward with stories of how they were “abused” by the popular TV show host. It’s not just crew members though, singer Mariah Carey and Friends actress Maggie Wheeler are two of the many celebrities who have raised their concerns against the host. Ellen however, had support from her friends in the entertainment industry who defended her against said allegations. Among those who supported her, Alec Baldwin is a notable personality but has also faced criticism for  playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. 

Before the start of the Ellen Show’s new season, the host tried to win over her fans by whatever means she could, in a bid to gain back the rating of the show. The first show of the season started with the host  apologising on live TV and with her dismissing many of the allegations that were put on her by notable personalities. 

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The apology however, did not have much affect, as people continue to attack the host on social media week in and week out. Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites are trending with tweets and posts which are against her.  One user on Twitter wrote, “Exactly how I feel after hearing how you treat other performers and professionals. Shame on you. No longer a fan,”. Another said, “Am I a bad Gay if I say I don’t like Ellen Degeneres? It goes to show the stacks are against a host who at one time, was loved by millions of people. As per an unconfirmed report on said ratings for the Ellen show have dropped by 25% since the new season started. 


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