The Cricket World Cup 2023 is in full swing, and the excitement is palpable. Australian women’s cricket star, Ellyse Perry, recently made headlines when she expressed her confidence in the Australian men’s cricket team. Perry’s statements were delivered during the launch ceremony of Women’s Big Bash Season 9, where she shared her thoughts about the upcoming clash between Pakistan and Australia in the Cricket World Cup 2023.

Ellyse Perry’s Confidence in the Australian Men’s Team

During the interview, Ellyse Perry left no room for doubt as she boldly proclaimed, “Australia is the favorite for both the Pakistan match in Bengaluru and to lift up the World Cup.” Her unwavering support for the Australian men’s team reflects her belief in their capabilities and dedication.

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Alana King’s Perspective on India

Another Australian women’s cricket all-rounder, Alana King, had her own perspective to offer. She acknowledged India as a formidable opponent, stating, “Hosts India would be a really tough opponent, but our good wishes are with the Australia men’s squad.” Her words highlight the respect and camaraderie within the Australian cricket community.

Strong Contenders for the Final Four

In a tournament as prestigious as the Cricket World Cup, the competition is fierce. Alana King also recognized the strength of other teams, stating, “Pakistan and South Africa are also strong contenders for the final four.” This acknowledgment of the competition showcases the sportsmanship and respect that transcends national boundaries in cricket.

Current Standings

The current standings in the World Cup reveal some interesting dynamics. India leads the table with three consecutive wins, followed closely by New Zealand, also with three wins. Pakistan and South Africa hold the third and fourth positions, respectively. Afghanistan made quite an impression by defeating defending champions England, placing them at fifth on the table. The rankings are a testament to the unpredictability and excitement of cricket.

Australia’s Struggle in the World Cup

In a surprising twist, the mighty Australians, who boast an impressive record as five-time World Cup champions, have struggled in the 2023 tournament. They have not secured a single victory so far, placing them at the bottom of the table. The world of cricket is no stranger to such twists and turns, and it only adds to the intrigue of the World Cup.


As the Cricket World Cup 2023 unfolds, it is clear that the tournament is marked by uncertainty and surprises. Ellyse Perry’s faith in the Australian men’s team, coupled with Alana King’s acknowledgment of tough competition, sets the stage for an exhilarating tournament. The current standings indicate that no team can be taken lightly, and the struggle of even the most celebrated teams, like Australia, adds an extra layer of excitement.

Get ready for a cricketing spectacle like no other as the World Cup 2023 continues to captivate fans around the globe.


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