Elon Musk snubs Twitter Resignation

Elon Musk snubs Twitter Resignation
Elon Musk snubs Twitter Resignation

Elon Musk had said his resignation as the chief of Twitter in the event that his latest poll show a majority for the move. However, it appears Musk has now changed his mind on his promise, even though the poll concluded with the majority of people saying that Musk should step down.

Following the end of the poll, Musk announced to Twitter Blue that paid Twitter Blue users will be able to vote in any future polls related to the policy. He did not mention anything about his resignation.

Musk Musk a frequent user of Twitter and Twitter, was silent for the initial hour after the poll was conducted. He finally ended his silence when responded by saying “Interesting” to a number of claims that the results were altered due to fraudulent accounts.

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Musk is the biggest shareholder in the privately held company, which means that there is no way to take him away. Musk is also famous for making use of Twitter votes as a way for making important decision. Musk sold a 10th part of his Tesla holdings in response to a survey in 2021. Musk also reinstated Trump’s account after another poll in the last month. He also restored a few accounts that were suspended with a second poll later. Musk tweeted “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” after Trump’s vote.

In most cases however, he created an impression of having knew the results of the poll prior to releasing the results. He had already announced the sale of Tesla stocks prior to putting it up for vote and his plan to restore Trump was discussed prior to when buying Twitter.

Prior to the time that when the Twitter poll was released it was speculated that he could step down as the chief of staff. He stated to an Delaware judge on the 16th of November that he was planning to reduce his work working at Twitter to “find another person to run Twitter in the future”.


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