In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, innovations and transformations continue to emerge. One such development that has piqued the interest of the digital world is Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, introducing a groundbreaking initiative – the sale of dormant Twitter account usernames, each carrying a price tag of a jaw-dropping $50,000.

The Unexpected Venture

Despite initial assertions that inactive usernames would not be released, a clandestine internal team within X, known as @HandleTeam, has been actively working on the establishment of a marketplace dedicated to these unused Twitter handles. This intriguing revelation came to light through a report by Forbes, which shed light on the covert operations taking place behind the scenes.

A Unique Sales Approach

The sale of these dormant usernames is an unconventional and intriguing process. The initial sales have been facilitated through discreet email solicitations sent to potential buyers, urging them to pay a fixed fee for the privilege of obtaining these unique usernames.

Musk’s Vision: Reclaiming and Reviving

This extraordinary development in the social media sphere finds its origins in a conversation that Elon Musk had back in November of the previous year. During this discussion, Musk contemplated the possibility of granting amnesty to previously suspended accounts. It was during this conversation that he unveiled the astonishing revelation that a significant number of Twitter handles had been seized by bots and trolls.

A Promise to the Twitter Community

Musk went on to express his intention to embark on a mission to reclaim these handles and make them available for use by the public. He outlined his ambitious plan to initiate this process in the following month. This promise to the Twitter community signified a radical shift in the way dormant Twitter handles were perceived and managed.

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The Birth of the Handle Marketplace

During the same conversation in November, a Twitter user named Paris Vegas proposed a groundbreaking idea – the creation of a Handle Marketplace. This marketplace would function similarly to an auction-style format akin to eBay, enabling users to exchange handles. This ingenious proposal underscored the potential for such a marketplace to serve as a practical way for X to both free up dormant handles and generate additional revenue.

A Promise Yet to Be Officially Confirmed

It’s essential to note that, as of the current year, there has been no official public announcement confirming the initiation of this action. The concept of reclaiming usernames from 1.5 billion accounts, as mentioned by Musk, remains a tantalizing promise for now. The digital world eagerly awaits a formal announcement from Elon Musk’s X.

The Twitter Landscape

To put this remarkable development into context, as of 2023, DemandSage’s data indicates there are a total of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts on the platform. However, only 237.8 million of these accounts are actively used on a daily basis. This stark contrast highlights the abundance of dormant usernames just waiting to be revitalized.

A Valuable Proposition

In a January report by The New York Times, it was disclosed that X was contemplating the sale of usernames as a means to generate additional revenue. While the idea was discussed among the company’s engineers, no concrete plans had been formulated at that time. Notably, it was observed that the usernames of notable personalities held particular value in this endeavor.


The unconventional and innovative move by Elon Musk’s X to sell dormant Twitter usernames for a substantial sum has garnered significant attention. This groundbreaking initiative not only challenges the norms of social media but also has the potential to reshape the landscape of Twitter handles. As we await an official confirmation and further details, one thing is certain – Elon Musk’s X is at the forefront of redefining the possibilities of social media.


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