Home News The elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all set to sweep the shelves

The elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all set to sweep the shelves

The elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all set to sweep the shelves
The elusive Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all set to sweep the shelves

The Samsung Galaxy is about to be unveiled very soon, and it looks set to be the biggest note that Samsung has ever produced till now. Interestingly enough, according to some reports, it is also fair to say that it might be the last one of the Note lineup if it fails to sell more than expected. After the sluggish sales that were followed by the Samsung galaxy S9, it is claimed by the Korean media that Samsung is ready to ditch the whole note lineup all together if the expected amount of sales are not reached, and in such case, it is reported that Samsung is ready to merge it with the premium Galaxy S lineup.

The new Galaxy Note is not only expected to be the most biggest one till now, but it is also expected that the phone will have more generous storage, and a better camera performance, in low light, and also overall. Disaster followed for Samsung two years ago with the release of the Galaxy Note 7 after reports surfaced that the phone’s battery started exploding to the surface. Samsung had at first decided to recall the phone, however, due to the dissatisfaction at the hands of their customers the company decided on discontinuing the Note 7 line altogether and waiting till the next year for the Galaxy Note 8 to try and work their luck with the series. It won’t be wrong to say that Samsung got its momentum back for the Galaxy Note 7, and it worked perfectly fine. Many sales analysts have stated that the poor sales of the Note have been a bit of a hindrance for Samsung. The Note has not at all been performing well in the market (probably since the Note 7 devastation), and after the underwhelming performance of the S9, it might be easy to predict that the Galaxy Note 9 won’t be setting any new heights.

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The Note 9 is expected to come with a 6.4 inch screen, which is an upgrade to the current 6.3 inch OLED screen, and this 6.4 inch screen would make the note 9 the largest smartphone ever to be released. It is also expected that the notches will come with expandable storage, via a MicroSD which will be upto 1 Terabytes and this coupled with the possibility of the Note coming along with 512GB of internal storage, the smartphone’s buyers won’t have to worry much with regards to the memory that the smartphone comes with.

Not only will the memory be more, but according to various reports and many analysts it is also expected that the Note 9 will come with a larger and longer lasting battery which makes it look like an anti-Note 7.The price of the Note 9 is yet to be known by the market although new reports have surfaced which suggest that the phone will come with a price of around $900, which is lesser (but hovers around) than the 1000 dollar price mark the customers had to pay for the iPhone X.


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