Android users have been looking out on the addition of a dark theme, or indeed a dark mode, and have been calling out Google to add something of similar sorts for quite some time now. As came with the Android Oreo, Google did indeed add a dark mode that made an activation bared upon the wallpaper you were using, however, this feature was quickly removed by Google, as the company followed up by explaining that the feature was accidently released on the Android Oreo. However, now, with the Android Pie update, not only is the dark mode back and here to stay, but there is also now a way to switch it on, as per your demand and needs

Let’s let of the looks of It all – let’s just forget the attractiveness of the dark theme for a while, and wonder, why wouldn’t you have the dark mode switched on your Android device? Because, according to Google, other than the looks it poses, it goes on to save a lot of battery life. As it turns out, all the empty white space that has been using by not only Google, but Apple as well over the past few years has been using much more power, and hence, this drains out battery much faster. As it is, a darker interface requires much less power, and is most definitely less taxing on your battery.

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So how can you take advantage of such a feature? How can you turn it on? Well, it’s quite simple actually. To switch to dark mode on Android Pie, open the settings app, and select display. Next up, all you’ll have to do is to tap Advanced, and scroll all the way down until you find the Device Theme. You have to tap the device theme, and then, from thereon, tap on dark.

And that’s just about it; pretty much all there is to know about how to turn on the dark theme on your Android device. So now, if you have indeed turned on the dark mode, when you view your app drawer or the quick-settings card (swipe down from the top of the screen), it’ll be in dark mode!


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