Messenger apps are always in a race to catch up and stealing new features while they slowly move with the same directionand this is even more the case when you’re a business such as Meta and have many apps under your control. We’ve seen WhatsApp introduce an Instagram version that is its own Emoji responses for messages, however this time we’re discussing security options, such as the launch of WhatsApp-style encryption of backups for Facebook Messenger.

Messenger has plenty of security-related news to talk about today, including encryption-related updates to the application ranging from hidden end-to-end encryption of chat backups as well as features such as the ability to erase messages from all your devices at once.

Messenger is currently testing a method to safely backup Chats on E2EE (safe from Meta’s eyes) If you lose or change your device, you’ll be in a position to recover the backup backup as well carry the chat logs with you. You’ll be able secure the backup using PIN or code that you’ll have to protect. Keep in mind that this is only able to support end-to-end encrypted chats. The initial support will be restricted to Messenger’s applications and not desktop or web access.

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Encrypted chats from End to End with Messenger

Meta is also testing an upgrade to encrypted chats that are end-to-end by enabling them in default, rather than the users being asked to choose. If you’re part of the study that you’re part of, your most frequently used chats will be automatically encrypted without having to think about it. Other tests currently in progress include E2EE voice calls within Messenger as well as secure chats that use the Ray Ban Stories.

On the desktop, Messenger will benefit from an open-source browser extension known as Code Verify. It can help keep bad actors out of the picture by confirming the source code of websites whenever you open Messenger using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Meta claims that the changes and tests will be released in the coming weeks, and then gradually be extended to more countries.


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