Energizer as you may know is a very well known company which developed durable batteries for there consumers but now the US company is busy these days trying to release smartphones with various innovative features, one of which is a remarkably large battery size. Moving on, the company recently teased several models of there upcoming devices, most of which are coming with a pop-up camera. Furthermore, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, Energizer surprised visitors afterthe company launched a smartphone which will be packing a very large 18,000mAh battery. Yes this is true, the device in discussion known as Energizer P18K Pop and packs an astonishingly large 18000mAh battery and this makes it the phone with the biggest battery.

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Moving on the P18K Pop is expected to be available for sale in the month of June. The phone is pretty large in terms of size as the phone comes with a size that is almost three times largerthan that of an iPhone in terms of thickness. This phone is 18mm thick as compared to the 7.7mm on the iPhone X. Now despite the thickness, the phone still comes with a protrusion on the rear camera. The device comes with a USB Type C port and can charge from zero to full in about 8 hours. That’s an overnight charge but we believe the battery won’t b needing to be charged that often, I mean it comes with a freakin 18000mAh battery. The device may also support an OTG function.

Energizer launching to launch a phone with an 18000 mAh, namely the P18K device

Moreover, in addition to the very big battery that the phone will pack, the Energizer phone will also be coming with a pop-up selfie shooter which adds an attraction to the very large size of the device.Consideringthe thickness of the said device, its highly unlikely that anyone will notice the full-screen, bezel-less screen. The Energizer P18K Pop also packs a triple 12MP camera setup and runs Android 9.0 Pie which will be pre-installed when you buy the device!


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