Erdogan Joins People In Historical Prayer At Hagia Sophia

Erdogan Joins People In Historical Prayer At Hagia Sophia
Erdogan Joins People In Historical Prayer At Hagia Sophia

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan joined a large number of admirers at Hagia Sophia on Friday for the primary supplications there since he proclaimed the landmark, worshipped by Christians and Muslims for just about 1,500 years, a mosque by and by. 

Erdogan and his top priests, wearing white facemasks as a precautionary measure against Covid-19, stooped on blue floor coverings toward the beginning of a service which denotes the arrival of Muslim love to the antiquated structure. The Turkish president likewise recounted stanzas from the Holy Quran. 

Prior, swarms shaped at checkpoints around the memorable heart of Istanbul where massed police looked after security. Once through the checks, admirers sat separated on supplication tangles in made sure about zones outside the structure in Sultanahmet Square. 

“We are finishing our 86 years of yearning today,” said one man, Sait Colak, alluding to the about nine decades since Hagia Sophia was announced a gallery and stopped to be a position of love. 

“Because of our leader and the court choice, today we will have our Friday supplications in Hagia Sophia.” 

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Individuals sit tight for the start of Friday supplications outside Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, just because after it was by and by announced a mosque following 86 years, in Istanbul, Turkey on July 24, 2020. — Reuters 

A top Turkish court declared for this present month it had invalidated Hagia Sophia’s status as a gallery. Erdogan quickly proclaimed that the structure, a Christian Byzantine basilica for a long time before being seized by Ottoman winners and filling in as a mosque until 1934, had been changed over by and by to a mosque. 

Erdogan Joins People In Historical Prayer At Hagia Sophia
Erdogan Joins People In Historical Prayer At Hagia Sophia

A few hundred invitees joined Erdogan for the service inside the 6th century building. A few, remembering his child for law and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, could be seen recording pictures of the notable event on their cell phones. 

An enormous screen and speakers were set up in the square to communicate procedures to the thousands assembled outside. As groups developed, leaving little space for social separating, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said specialists had halted individuals entering the territory because of worries about the spread of the coronavirus. On Twitter, he called for tolerance and said the mosque would be open for petition until Saturday morning.


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