We could see the all new Essential device shown at CES 2019

Earlier this year, the Android world was shook to its cores, when it found out that the company started by the father of Android, Andy Rubin, which also happened to release the very innovative Essential phone in 2017 – would not release a follow up to the previous phone, that being the Essential phone 2, and was a actually, in fact, planning to sell the company that made such an innovative phone and seemed to have so much potential in store.

Though the plans seemed to be concrete, it looks like things have now taken a turn, as reported by Bloomberg, with the new reports surfacing in the past few days. The report has gone on to state that the company is now looking to work on a brand new, heavily ambitious device, which would use artificial intelligence, in an attempt to replace, or possibly augment your current smartphone – quite ambitious, right?

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The source of such information is still not confirmed, with the only thing which is actually confirmed being the fact that the source is an anonymous informant, who has made claims that he has working knowledge of quite a number of internal happening which take place at Essential. So while the reports certainly seem to be surfacing, and to a certain extent, seem to be gathering pace, I would like to suggest for everyone to take the information with a grain of salt, simply down to the fact that nothing is confirmed.

Also, with accordance to the informant, Rubin and his team has canceled work with regards to the essential smart speaker, just so he could focus on the alleged new device – which would not only be for Essential, but for the entire smartphone industry.

Also, the source described the device as being a smartphone, but smaller and it would use AI and voice commands in an attempt to take care of the mediocre day to day tasks, which you would perform on your phone. This would include the likes of answering text message, booking appointments, sending and responding to emails, etc etc.

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